Alan Reed

Not There

I made these images by eliminating the subject of the photograph in order to see what the photographer did not care about. I estimate that about 80% of all photographic (and now digital) images is stuff that people don’t really care about as long as they get the “subject” they want. Why don’t they just move closer? Thus, there is all this unwanted visual documentation out there that is being ignored or even unseen. I’m trying to rescue or even resuscitate it into something to be cared about.

Not There: Albers House

Image without the Albers House

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Not There: Car Front

Image without the front of the car

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Not There: Cheesecake

Image without the cheesecake [we suspect he means a shapely woman, and not the pastry]

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Not There: Man in Wicker Chair

Image without a man in a wicker chair

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Not There: Truck Mechanic

Image without truck mechanic

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